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When you bank local, the money goes to our roads, our schools, and our community. Not only that, but with Commencement, you get personalized service from people who live and work where you do.

It feels good to bank local, and it does some good, too. Many of the large national and regional banks are headquartered in other states, so your money pays taxes for services you'll never use.

And that's not all we do differently. We make all our decisions right here, no algorithms or fancy boardrooms or Wall Street. In fact, you can actually talk to our CEO. No, really. His name is John and his number is 253.284.1802.

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When you bank with us, your money stays here. And something about that just feels right.

Community Involvement

At Commencement Bank, we're more than community bankers. We're community partners. We encourage our employees to positively impact the communities where they live and work by building relationships, inspiring philanthropy, and promoting goodwill.

Ready to make the switch to local banking? We're here to make the process as easy as possible.

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Our Transition Specialists can help you every step of the way.

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Switch Kit

The Commencement Bank Switch Kit helps make sure your transition is smooth.

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